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This page is a joke. Do not take anything serious.

A pineapple is a kind of muffin, that likes to clarify that it's a pineapple.

These muffins are rare in the world of kiwike, so if you find one hide it or eat it immediately! Many hunt these muffins and they would pay lots and lots of gold to get one!

Muffins like these are incredibly smart and are capable of killing you, so watch out! The only one of there kind, is thusly, named as Spammuff, He is a avid warrior, but of all the time, likes cookies.


Catching a pineapple is incredebly hard, but not impossible. You will need a diamond sword and some cookies. Lure the pineapple with the cookies and hope that it doesn't notice you. As soon as the pineapple comes close hit him with your sword. The next part is going to be hard: The pineapple will either run or attack you. You're on your own now, because nobody has caught a pineapple before. (exept for the mighty Yottabyte ofcourse, but he used a banhammer and not a tiny diamond sword.)

<3 you Spam.